Tips to Pass CCNA Certification Exam

Take your career to heights by giving Exam 640-461 ICOMM

ccna study mat

The Cisco CCNA Voice accreditation affirms that the needed expertise set for specially designed work roles in voice innovations for example voice innovations director, voice design, and voice boss. It validates aptitudes in VoIP innovations for example IP PBX, IP telephony, handset, call control, and voicemail results. Required exam for this certification is exam 640-461 [...]

What is a Supernet CCNA


It is one of the Certificates provided by Cisco to Entry level Networking Professionals and is Valid for 3 years from receiving date. It describes that the Certificate holder has required skills to Installation, operation and Troubleshooting of Small to medium size network. Basically it validates the knowledge of connection to WAN (Wide Area Network), [...]

Requirements To Re-New Your CCNA Certification

When you need to re-new your CCNA certification, there are lots of questions, which came into your mind. You start thinking something like that: My CCNA certification will be expired after 4 – 5 weeks, how to re-new it? Is there any short course to re-certify CCNA certification?  Should I need to prepare my CCNA [...]

Learn about the Modem and ADSL Port Connections


There are lots of candidates, who is trying to get CCNA certification and during their lab work or practice they wanted to know about the difference between Modem to ISP and ADSL port to ISP connections. For those who have the ADSL card inside the router or if you have any ADSL router (modem) as [...]

Top Guidelines For Passing CCNA Examinations To Look Forward To?

It is not easy for many people to get employment due to compete in several areas of study. This is the reason why one needs to settle with some of the best solutions in the market and study a course that has a bright future. This is the reason why you need to focus on [...]

Difference Between Modem to ISP and ADSL Port to ISP Connections


There are lots of candidates, who has tried to get CCNA certification and during lab work they wanted to know about the difference between Modem to ISP and ADSL port to ISP connections. The question is that when you connect from wall jack to the router’s ADSL port via RJ-11 landline phone line and connecting [...]

Best Preparation Material to Pass CCNA Certification

ccna study mat

We always prefer to guide our visitors with accurate and helpful information. For the last 2 months as the new year 2013 has begun, many people asked us about the best preparation material/book/course to pass their CCNA certification in first attempt, few of them wanted to know our opinion regarding following books: Cisco Certified Network [...]

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