Avaya 7595X Exam Questions Updated 2017

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Question: 1

To deploy an Avaya IoT solution onto a traditional IP network, with which two static VLAN parameters would the access layer switch ports be configured? (Choose two.)

A. Tagged traffic for IoT device traffic
B. Untagall traffic for IoT device traffic
C. Untagged traffic for ONA management
D. Tagged traffic for ONA management

Answer: AC

Question: 2

Which administration view provides information about invalid and active ONAs connected to the network through the Avaya Administration user interface?

A. ONA Diagnostics port-let
B. Service Availability port-let
C. Device Inventory port-let
D. Server Status port-let

Answer: C

Question: 3

Once the authentication information for the Hyper-Sec Gateway is provided through the on boarding workflow, when will the HyperSec Gateway be in the Onboarded state?

A. When HyperSec Gateway is onboarded and discovered
B. When HyperSec Gateway is rebooted and rediscovered
C. When the HyperSec Gateway Is onboarded before discovery
D. When the HyperSec Gateway is discovered

Answer: A

Question: 4

When the status of the ONA device state is in the Inactive state, which two tasks should you perform? (Choose two.)

A. Apply service profile whitelists.
B. Insure that the IoT device is connected to the ONA.
C. Check the ONA LED to make sure it is solid green.
D. Insure that the IoT Controller has connectivity to the ONA.

Answer: AB

Question: 5

Which Avaya Administration user interface sub interface can be used to perform the software upgrades for ONA and HyperSec Gateway?

A. ONA/HyperSec Device Diagnostics user interface
B. Surge Administration user interface
C. SDN Controller Device Orchestration user interface
D. Device Software Management

Answer: D

Question: 6

Which statistical view provides Information logging about critical, high, and medium issues related to networked IoT devices?

A. ONA Diagnostics port-let
B. Monitoring port-let
C. Device Monitoring port-let
D. Server Status port-let

Answer: A

Question: 7

To onboard the HyperSec Gateway to the avaya IoT Controller, which two attributes are necessary? (Choose two.)

A. Instance Name
B. Session ID
C. HyperSec
D. Serial Number


Question: 8

Which administration view provides a status view of Leader Node, Master Node, and the services that are functioning on each of these servers?

A. Service Availability port-let
B. ONA Diagnostics port-let
C. Server Status port-let
D. Device Inventory port-let

Answer: D

Question: 9

Which certificate is used by the SDN Engine to create the default certificates during the initial ONA onboarding process?

A. ROOT CA Certificate
B. ODL Certificate
C. Surge Config Certificate
D. Avaya Surge Controller

Answer: B

Question: 10

Which two statements describe a Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) to on Avaya IoT solution?

A. ZTD is a tool for configuring and deploying Avaya IoT solution without any configurations needs.
B. ZTD is a tool for configuring and deploying Avaya IoT solution with a minimal
configurations needs to make the appliance up and running.
C. ZTD is a tool to deploy the Avaya IoT solution in a standalone server mode without any configurations needs.
D. ZTD is a tool where non-IT Administrators can easily deploy and configure the Avaya IoT solution with minimal configurations.

Answer: CD