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Question No. 1

If an Ethernet port on a router was assigned an IP address of, what is the maximum number of hosts allowed on this subnet?

Answer: C

Each octet represents eight bits. The bits, in turn, represent (from left to right): 128, 64, 32 , 16 , 8, 4, 2, 1

Add them up and you get 255. Add one for the all zeros option, and the total is 256.

Now, take away one of these for the network address (all zeros) and another for the broadcast address (all ones). Each octet represents 254 possible hosts. Or 254 possible networks. Unless you have subnet zero set on your network gear, in which case you could conceivably have 255.

The CIDR addressing format (/20) tells us that 20 bits are used for the network portion, so the maximum number of networks are 2^20 minus one if you have subnet zero enabled, or minus 2 if not.

You asked about the number of hosts. That will be 32 minus the number of network bits, minus two. So calculate it as (2^(32-20))-2, or (2^12)-2 = 4094

Question No. 2

What command can you enter to configure the switch as an authoritative ntp server with site id : 15122473?

Answer: A

Question No. 3

Refer to the exhibit.

What kind of cable should be used to make each connection that is identified by the numbers shown?

Answer: B

When connecting a PC to a switch, a standard Ethernet straight through cable should be used. This same cable should also be used for switch to router connections. Generally speaking, crossover cables are only needed when connecting two like devices (PC-PC, switch-switch, router-router, etc).

Routers connect to frame relay and other WAN networks using serial cables.

Rollover cables are special cables used for connecting to the console ports of Cisco devices.

Question No. 4

Refer to the exhibit.

Host A can communicate with Host B but not with Hosts C or D. How can the network administrator solve this problem?

Answer: B

Two VLANs require a router in between otherwise they cannot communicate. Different VLANs and different IP subnets need a router to route between them.

Question No. 5

From where does a small network get its IP network address?

Answer: C

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